Less is more

You may not always have ocean shipments large enough to occupy an entire standard-size cargo container. But the great news is that you no longer need to.

Sri Ram Shipping and Services, LCL takes care of that situation by consolidating your shipment with that of multiple parties before it is moved to the destination.

At Sri Ram Shipping and Services, we go all the way to ensure that our LCL solutions assure you of faster speed-to-market, higher inventory efficiency, and better transparency, from end to end.

Enjoy access to over 10,000 trade corridors across the world using our global LCL network services. Integrate, simplify, and connect your global logistics with a single point of contact.

Lower cost:

LCL shipments are the most cost-effective option for smaller shipments, providing a less expensive alternative to air freight, sea freight, and FCL.

Improved flexibility:

The reduced quantity of LCL shipments reduces shippers’ inventory investment and allows more scheduling flexibility. With this method, it’s easier to adjust shipments to accommodate business needs.

More control:

With LCL shipments, you can pick up and drop off cargo directly from the warehouse where they are loaded and unloaded, cutting out other entities and ensuring shipments reach their destination.