Sea Freight


When costs are your main concern and time is not a primary factor, try our sea freight services.
  • An equally good and very strong network partner is the key to have this service operating successfully and our carefully selected partners are experts in operating this service to meet the deadlines.
  •  Sri Ram Shipping and Services works with all shipping lines.
  • We have a fixed contract rate with many carriers to secure guaranteed space and truck availability also in peak seasons.
  • We provide and arrange the fastest, the most convenient routing for our customer’s shipments at competitive rates.


Our dedicated local teams provide specialist advice and support, with in-depth local knowledge and experience in every sector, from food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals to construction.


You decide where and when your cargo is loaded and delivered.
We understand that your needs may vary according to customer demand or other factors, and we have the resources to react quickly to these changes. Safe storage options at the departure or arrival port are available if necessary.


Your cargo is in safe hands with SRI RAM SHIPPING SERVICES. We store goods in modern, secure containers, which make minimal stops and remain locked and sealed throughout their journey. At sea, the containers are less accessible than on the road, reducing the risk of theft, damage, or contamination.


Thanks to the scale of our operations and our wide-reaching network, we can offer competitive prices. Our flexible, customized solutions are adapted to each customer’s specific requirements, helping you to save costs and keep your business moving.